pre-production Form

This form helps maximize your budget and achiave your objectives. Consider each delivered image as helping to tell your visual story. It is not how many images, but rather what images and their emotional impact. The final count will vary according to what you deem as required keeping in mind each image tells a diferent story.

Please complete the Pre-production form below.

Pre-event load in set-up, rehearsal, sound check, tech run through, doors open to the public, end time
What are your overall objectives photographing this event? Grant documentation, social media, marketing collateral, prints for attendees. internal organizational references, to share with the artists and sponsors, daily news, social magazines.
1) Groups
All committee members to come to an event early so that there's time for a group shot. Designate a time and location prior to the event,” to “get the magic photo before the event. Celebrities or media personalities to pose with the event organizers, upon pre-approval. Staff assistance required.
2) Sponsors
Sponsor activations before guests arrive and photos throughout the evening of attendees interacting.
3) Crowds
Wide photos of the crowd, overall shots of the audience, lobby, lines outside, post-event reception. Demonstrate the overall success and attendance of the event.
4) Location
Establishing photo from the street of the event location, building or any other significance of the site.
5) Food and Beverage
Sponsors' drinks, interactions, and signage close-ups of sponsored cocktails and drink menus guests drinking sponsored spirits, guests posing with sponsored bottles, hero shots of sponsored beverages. Banquet tables, servers, prepared plates.
6) Event Collateral
Details photos of event programs, banners, table-tops or handouts.
7) Candid Photos
Photos of guest and VIPs both informally posing and interacting, at the bar, dancing, talking and engaging,
Staff Assistant
Can you provide a dedicated staff or volunteer assistant to help identify VIPs, scribe names, help navigate the event?
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