For Chicago Blues Festival 2016, we are opening a new photo exhibit with The Willie Dixon Blues Heaven Foundation located at Chess Records Museum, 2120 South Michigan Ave. 'The Roots to the Fruits' featuring over 40 prints by Cary BakerHoward Greenblatt and Walter Wimberley. These photos go back to the 1970's at Maxwell Street and up to current events at 2120 South Michigan Ave. 

The exhibit will be up though the summer.

For show information, press inquiries or scheduling a guided tour contact: Howard Greenblatt: 708.826.5636 or Phillip Solomonson: / 312.437.0807 

(312) 808-1286 Mon-Fri:  11am to 4pm Sat:  noon - 3pm; Sunday Closed

Also, check out the Thursday evening summer concert series: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Free to the public. Click here for schedule.


Special thanks to Lee Warzecka, exhibit preparator Stuart Hall, and the Willie Dixon Blues Heaven Foundation: Keith Nelson, Jacqueline Dixon, Marie Dixon and Joe Leonardi.